Acequia Madre: Acequia Tours with La Llorona RESOURCE GUIDE

Hello! Thank you for coming to Acequia Madre: Acequia Tours with La Llorona at PASEO Festival 2019. Want to learn more about what you heard tonight? The artist, Rica Maestas, used the following resources to develop the tour. Every article is free an available for download online (linked below) and each book should be accessible at your local public library or favorite bookstore. Enjoy!

On Acequia Ecology 
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New Mexico Acequia Association Acequia Governance Handbook.” New Mexico Acequia Association, 2014.

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On La Llorona y La Malinche… 
Anaya, Rudolfo A., and Desolina. The Legend of La Llorona: a Short Novel. TQS Publications, 1994.

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“Woman Hollering Creek.” Woman Hollering Creek and Other Stories, by Sandra Cisneros, Bloomsbury, 1993.

Get Involved! Visit the Taos Acequia Association or the New Mexico Acequia Association to learn how!

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