A Couple Fan Favorites:

“Getting to Know a Goathead” forthcoming, Forging: Seed, Forge Project NY
Loving La Llorona” May 2022, Pasa por Aquí, New Mexico Humanities Council
“Host Gift Selection Form” co-authored by Julia Renaud, January 2020, Practice Space’s Radical Hospitality Reader (print)
In Defense of Upspeak: Reclaiming ‘feminine’ modes of communication at work” March 2019, Public Humanities Blog
“In Praise of Barf Bunnies: Triple Candie’s ‘Throwing Up Bunnies'” co-authered by Steve Lubar, February 2019, The Addison Museum of American Art Press (print)

Art Writing:

Mark Dion: New England Digs” November 2017, Re:Bell
New to the collection: Graciela Iturbide” May 2017, Re:Bell
Mark Leckey: Containers and Their Drivers at MoMA PS1” December 2016, ArteFuse
Lost in Preservation: A lamentation and invitation” October 2016, Vagabond Magazine
Collection Spotlight: Chitra Ganesh” October 2016, Re:Bell
M Lamar introduces new genre of political goth opera” April 2016, The Daily Trojan
New exhibition at MoCA Grand underwhelms” April 2016, The Daily Trojan
Jose Gonzalez moves audiences at Walt Disney Concert Hall” March 2016, The Daily Trojan

“Cuffing Season” (column in The Daily Trojan):

Teacher’s Pet: A Sonnet to Schooling” April 2016
Anything for an A: In-class romances part 2” April 2016
If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends” April 2016
Feeling myself: A Bad Girls’ Guide” April 2016
Tinder is only as scary as you make it” March 2016
Too late to say sorry?” March 2016
Be an adult, break up with everything” March 2016
Attention closure-seekers: This one’s for you” March 2016
Eternal sunshine of an unintentionally spotless mind” February 2016
Mutual catfishing: LARPing my Valentine’s Day date” February 2016
Everyone I date is Quentin Tarantino” February 2016
Bait and switch” February 2016
Identification anxiety: The making of a name” January 2016
A good read: reKindling the fire” January 2016
Bonnies over Clyde: A lesson in in-class romances” January 2016
The right swipe and romantic reassurance” December 2015, The Daily Trojan – Love U

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