SALE: Manifest Social Justice!

Dear friends,
To benefit the ACLU of New Mexico in their tireless work for racial equity and justice, against mass incarceration and police brutality, and toward a more inclusive future in the land of enchantment, I offer a selection of witchy items for sale, with the goal of raising $1,500. These handcrafted pieces are for a good cause, but they’re also good for you! Each piece is intended to assist you on your journey toward unlearning racism / ableism / classism / sexist / transphobia / homophobia / etc., challenging and educating the misinformed, opening intuition to wisdom that might affront fragile egos, and rejoicing in the powerful legacy of social justice movements.

Contact me via email, DM, or text to order. Let’s raise this MONEY.
Shipping $7 on all US orders. Domestic orders of the full set (one of each item) ship free!


Journaling clarifies things and is an important part of MANIFESTING. Marked with a reference to ritual yucca baths taken by Pueblo peoples after Popay’s Rebellion, this UNLEARNING JOURNAL is for interrogating white capitalist cis-hetero-patriarchial supremacy in yourself and the world around you. Document insights from texts, podcasts, or videos you’re using to educate yourself. Write down the things that make you sad, the things that confuse you, experiences that make you angry, and the things you’d like to do to create a better world. Hold yourself accountable, work through things that may be new to you, be honest and empathetic. Unlearning is never complete.


Challenging wack assumptions and behaviors in yourself and others can be scary, dangerous even. Use this CHALLENGE CANDLE to give you the strength and courage to say an informed, unapologetic, La Llorona NOPE to ideologies and practices rooted in power, oppression, and exclusion. This candle is infused with Guardian Angel Oil (a mix of oils from angelica root and rosemary among other things), brick dust, and dried rosemary to keep you protected.


Coming in two varieties – “Viva la Raza” and “Hijxs de la Chingada” – RECEIVE WISDOM CANDLES are infused with salt, lavender, and New Moon oil (a mix of oils from lemongrass among other things) to aid you in safely accepting wisdom from subaltern and/or ghostly sources. Open your intuition and put your ego aside to receive teachings of kindness, even when they challenge preexisting assumptions.


It is the role of the artist to make the revolution irresistible.” – Toni Cade Cambarayou

And what is more irresistible than stickers?

Left to Right:
Llorona Chingona Sticker (5″x3″) $4
Viva la Raza Sticker (3″x2″) $2
Hijxs de la Chingada Sticker (3″x2.5″) $2
Wash Off the Colonizer Sticker (2.5″x3.5″) $3